Award- Winning Rock Opera Vocal Duo

Meet BraxiMusic

Brandi and Max Himmelreich are the award-winning rock opera vocal duo known as BRAXI MUSIC. Both classically trained singers with a combined vocal range of over 6 octaves, Brandi and Max fuse the sounds of their lifetime of training with the modern elements of rock and glam. The element of theatricality figures prominently in their work, drawing influence from artists who are well known for taking chances and bringing unique entertainment value to the stage, such as the iconic Kate Bush, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, Bette Midler and Shakespears Sister. Classical and crossover influences are drawn from artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman and the great Luciano Pavarotti.

“The musical group BRAXI MUSIC portrays love not only through their musical output, but also through their very existence.”

24Our Music Magazine

The two lives came together in 2011, at a Theater Restaurant in Amsterdam, where they were placed together to sing a cover of the Italian / English ballad Vivo Per Lei. Once they realised the potential of working together, they decided to form the group Braximusic.

Success came quickly, with a special single release for Amsterdam and Antwerpen Pride, an event they support each year, which became a #3 summer hit in Belgium. Shortly after, they decided to branch out to fans outside of Western Europe, and began focusing on audiences in Great Britain. In 2013, they brought out their first album of acoustic covers, called Two Souls, Two Lives, One Voice, which sold out within the first year.

Since then, Brandi and Max travelled the world to find new influences to their sound. After four years of studying, touring and writing, the new rock opera branding of BRAXIMUSIC was born. In 2017, the results were encompassed on their new album Musical Esemplastic. The first single release from this album, IL NOSTRO AMORE (Our Love) won 1st place in the international songwriting competition Unsigned Only in the Vocal Performance category, and was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition.

“Vocal duo BRAXI MUSIC suggests cruse ship entertainment at its very best.”Showcase Productions 

Together, the two are a musical and theatrical tour de force, whose undeniable chemistry lights up the stage in every production they take on. From the moment they met, their powerful connection has been enchanting audiences far and wide, from intimate living room concerts to festival stages performing for thousands. They are always fighting against bullying, and want to spread the idea of embracing individualism and love within their music, which is why they fight to promote LGBTQ rights and education for children in under-developed countries.